Cafe or Bar: You Choose

In need of a daytime pick me up? Let us be a pop up cafe serving locally sourced and hand crafted espresso drinks, coffees, and teas. Or maybe you are looking for that celebratory drink at your next event? Let us pour wine, beer, bubbly and cocktails of your choosing. Or maybe even a mix of both.

This vintage inspired caravan is unique in style and functionality. Ahimsa Caravan Cafe creates a whimsical and rustic ambiance at any event. Perfect for weddings, outdoor garden parties, engagements, birthdays, set breaks, festivals, corporate events, and any other gathering of your imagination. Let us make your vision a reality!

Proudly Serving Groundwork Coffee

Ahimsa means “non violence to myself and all living beings.” Based on this principle Ahimsa Caravan Cafe strives to use products in line with our philosophy. Groundwork Coffee is one of the first and largest coffee roasters in Southern California to be certified organic, fair trade, non GMO, chemical free, kosher and proactively environmentally friendly, both locally and at the origin. Started in Venice Beach in 1990, values of social and environmental sustainability have been at the forefront of everything they do. That is why we proudly serve the artisanal beans- delicious, rich, and full of complex flavors- roasted by Groundwork Coffee.